Ride the Vacuum!

Dyson. It’s the wackiest vacuum. You know it is. It’s the off-orange/yellow floor etc cleaner with the spherical wheel. The object designer Adam Alpine is trying to accomplish is “to push a brand [Dyson] beyond its product genre maintaining the brands design principles.” To maintain the principles of a vacuum brand in a toy vehicle. What a lovely idea for a project!

Before I go further, I’ve got to mention this: if you are a design professor and have the opportunity, try a project like this one. To maintainin the principles of a brand in a product that has little to do with the brands original “main” product. One fabulous challenge.

In this vehicle, the rider lies forward on the front giant Dysonesque wheel. The rider pushes the handlebars forward, engaging the double planetary gear system -also used in monster trucks to increase torque for minimal power. The back wheels act as giant ball bearings allowing a hubless rear.

The feet. Your feet. Where will you put them. The back wheels, since they work on ball bearings, have that space in the center where the foot can sit. The hub-less wheel also incorporates a foot-actuated caliper break.

Clean up!

Designer: Adam Alpine

The Dycycle Dyson Tricycle by Adam Alpine 01

The Dycycle Dyson Tricycle by Adam Alpine 02

The Dycycle Dyson Tricycle by Adam Alpine 03

The Dycycle Dyson Tricycle by Adam Alpine 04

The Dycycle Dyson Tricycle by Adam Alpine 05

The Dycycle Dyson Tricycle by Adam Alpine 06


  • Carl says:

    complete toss..!

  • Phil Power says:

    Nice little project.

    Ideation sketches look great.

    Carl is a joker clearly!!!

  • Demetrius says:

    This would be a cute motorized kid’s toy if little fingers didn’t get caught in the slots. …or, for an adult, if it could roll over water.

  • AlienzExist says:

    The handlebars make the riding position like a sportbike. The seat and the bars need more attention, the seat is curved and has no detail whatsoever. Congrats though, you know how to make dyson balls.

  • Energ8t says:

    1- Hubless rims? Really?
    2- Needless complexity
    3- Assumed need
    4- Ergonomics? Appears to force uncomfortable, unsafe position and operation.
    5- Branding is lame?
    6- Brakes? That’s why tricycles are fixed. Simple, rugged, intuitive.
    7- See Indy Fab and Vanilla custom trikes. I know, different beast, but it is mass branding vs. artisan made quality I want to juxtapose.
    IMHO- Progress is not strictly related to how complex one can engineer an object. This is indicative of one replicating the meme of designer so widely supplanted into our minds. Step back and either fix or refrain from adding to the landfill.

  • Demetrius says:

    The hubless rear wheels wouldn’t be difficult to implement because they don’t steer or drive. All of that action would be in the skid steering front wheels that make up the ball. I’m guessing that ball to be about 3 feet in diameter if this is meant for an adult – with the drive mechanisms inside each half. I’d like to see a figure modeled on this for scale and rider position. Could be a fun beach/wave toy.

    • Energ8t says:

      Regarding hubless rims… I was more implying the fact that they are incorporated in designs strictly due to the “cool” factor alone. Seems like I have seen it used by every transportation designer on every project. For a child’s toy or any other feasible implementation they impose much more resistance than conventional center hubs; more bearings, more surfaces touching, more need for perfect aligned surfaces, heavier than center hubs, more spin wieght (better to keep it toward the center of the wheel). If the rim goes “out of true” for any reason, it renders the wheel useless. Plastic wheel can warp over time and would pose a problem, most likely. Why do you think no one has made hubless rims on cars, bikes (Tour De France – See any hubless rims? NO.), motobikes OTHER than conceptual dreams from designers with lil’ to no experience in engineering or at least building a bike wheel? Because they don’t work well in the real world. I could accept it IF it were maybe a mag-lev type hubless rim with electromagnetic propulsion and braking… (now there is a feasible idea)

      Again simplicity rules. Whose next to reinvent the wheel?

      • Demetrius says:

        re: hubless rims… Really, this toy would be all about the cool. There’d be no other reason to get one. The ball bearings in the cut-away look *huge*! …designed to be easy to hose the sand out of? I dunno… I couldn’t see this as something you’d take down the street. It wouldn’t stand up to that. But, on the grass or dunes – it looks like it would be fun in a tumbly sort of way.

        Re: reinventing the wheel… I like the big stone kind with a log for an axle. Join me on a ride?

  • shane says:

    i think there could well be a market for a ride-on cleaner. commercial though of course, not consumer. this one looks like it’s intended for the consumer market which is a little bit confusing.
    whatever you think of the feasibility and execution, this would make a fun uni project to be sure 🙂

  • Nadasurf says:

    First things first, this design makes me hard. Second, you bunch of tossin hatred need to find better thongs to do with your time, raggin on hard work that is recognized is week sauce. Get your wonkey ass in the drawing room and come up with something half as beautiful. It’s refreshing to have such great transportation design without polluting the environment. Fun, playful, alive! Gettin your rocks off on harpin on negativity results in nothing but a bad ending to your movie.

  • Mark says:

    Check out the IT machine form South Park…..

  • DaLk says:

    though it definitely looks like a complete toss, i’m eager to see a human figure on that. it would make its use clearer, and maybe provide us ways to rethink it for the better 🙂

  • It doubt it works!!!! Horrible design

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  • llou says:

    It’s to complex for a toy.

  • llou says:

    Sorry: too complex.

  • I am big fan of Dyson's innovative design! To put a vacuuming stick on a ball for easy rolling – cool. However, Dyson is famous for its suction power, though.

  • I am big fan of Dyson's innovative design! To put a vacuuming stick on a ball for easy rolling – cool. However, Dyson is famous for its suction power, though.

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