The Octocube of mystery

On first sight, the Octocube is all smoke and mirrors. You could spend quite a while trying to figure out what it is or does. Go on. See if you can figure it out. If you can’t work it out from the pictures alone then how about the name. Octocube. Any help? The sharper eye will observe the 2 cables/pipes at the rear so surely it does something right? Designer Vivien Muller has created this little mystery for your Thursday morning enjoyment. Give up? Entirely created from a single 90 degree elbow, the Octocube builds up into a radiant heater with a large surface area, and the inherent flexibility and modularity of the elbow. It is designed to be a sculptural heater that fits in with any interior.

Designer: Vivien Muller


  • cool but noone will says:

    this is cool

    but it will be expensive
    and hard to clean
    it will need al very silent radiator

  • Lim says:

    Nice aesthetic but im not sure whether the form does provide the efficiency that is needed…

    Maintanance wise sure is “fun” to do hahaha….

  • JT says:

    I would say right the opposite as Lim said: looks horrible to me (like a kind of hexaedric brain), but I think it can really work quite good. Modularity is great, I can imagine thousands of different desigs using the same elbow pieces…

  • AG says:

    What’s “Octo” about it? Cubes have six sides.

  • Michai says:

    A compact fluid cooling system?

  • Carbonfly says:

    Oh, I was gonna guess that it was some kind of new CPU cooler.

  • Curves says:

    I am wondering how much of the heat from the inside coils of the cube would radiate out efficiently. The one on the wall looks nice, but seems sort of high on the wall to use the heat well. I think the flat model placed on the floor would be the most useful, but hard to walk on or clean, and may not be structurally stong enough. A good concept, but needs some refinement.

  • FaiZ says:

    woohoo, got my first guess right, nice!

  • cool but noone will ever buy this says:

    this is cool

    but it will be expensive
    and hard to clean
    it will need al very silent radiator

  • Absent Blue says:

    want one, I don’t care what it is.

    But I don’t have much use for a heater in San Antonio =\

  • Raz says:

    unless it’s that well designed, surely there’s an issue with placing a heater directly on a floor, especially a laminate wooden one (it wouldn’t exactly be aimed at carpet folk now would it?)… think of the damage to the laminate unless the bottom stayed sufficiently cool/cold (which seems unlikely given the design)

  • ripfire4 says:

    A new Apple product?

    But seriously, I don’t think it will be efficient heating since most of it will stay within the core, unless you have a fan blowing through it.

  • Marzaday says:

    What would be a nice idea, would be if you could expand it when heating and then contract it back for storage purposes. Similar to those childrens toys that resemble a wire frame ball that expands when pulled. Think how many socks you could dry on all that surface area??? Although I am not sure the people who would buy this wear socks 🙂

  • blipoids says:

    Wu ha… Tingleing aesthetics may I add?! 😀

  • looks like a square human brain

  • nk says:

    looks like its going to leak really badly.

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