Ergonomic Cushion for some Pushin…

Want to give your lap that extra little lift without resorting to Viagra? Now the perfect angle you are looking for is just a few pumps away. The “Airboard” pump action laptop surface by designer Ki-Seung Lee is intended to adjust your laps productive area to best fit whatever activity you are engaged in. Whether it be reading, writing/drawing or surfing the web for more lap puns, Airboard has your pelvic area covered. With a convenient built in pump, you may want to watch when and where you decide to make an “adjustment.”

Designer: Ki-Seung Lee


  • Freshome says:

    I can say that this design is something that should be put into a real product as soon as possible, because I feel that it will be a success.

  • TH says:

    I like this, nice idea. It looks a bit wobbly, though, I wonder how well it’d work fully inflated with a laptop computer on it? The other detail, I’d use a different kind of deflation mechanism. Perhaps put a valve in the pump, turn handle to deflate or something similar.

  • teo song wei says:


    Nice work. But I think there is no need for a user to do so much work just to adjust the this thing

    just my opinion

  • Wow nice work by another Korean designer, kudos to him for this creative idea! What would be the price range for this product?

  • igreenspot says:

    I don’t think people really that bother to inject the pump, they might end up not using it at all

  • Shiella says:

    Very nice idea…I agree that it should be make into actual product as this is very useful.

  • IrisMR says:

    Absolutely genius idea. I’d buy one.

  • JHUara says:

    very nice idea… im also think that this design should be put into a real product as soon as posible.

  • Rich says:

    Great Idea, I would buy 2 !

  • Lim says:

    Lol….Too complicated…What cant just used the method od plastic sheet folding, where at the same time, it could be use as a file….

  • dika says:

    hey…..great idea….how long your idea can be on production ?? I would like to buy and use it. maybe can be sold world wide… 😀

  • Frenchy says:

    Where can I buy it one ?!

  • FaTMollY says:

    At me such question
    I can not change the menu in Windows, it looks on new why that….
    Help to adjust… At me of a Window 98

  • Zeek says:

    Great idea, i could see people using this, always looking for something to write or put my laptop on.

    9/10 stars

    (could use a button release for air instead of a plug though)

  • ちしれわ says:

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