Samsung/Armani TV Unveiled

Today in Milan Samsung Electronics and Giorgio Armani unveiled the new Armani/Samsung LCD TV with 100Hz Full HD. A 46-inch TV will be launched initially in Europe, Korea and Russia in mid-summer, and a 52-inch will be available soon after. Unique design elements include a stylish remote control and a special 4-mode lighted power switch that customizes the display of the two companies’ logos on the front of the television.

Check back with us tomorrow, we are expecting more images from their PR agency.

Designer: Giorgio Armani


  • Nacon says:

    uh…. what’s so special about it? It’s like another Sony’s HD Tv.

  • ModuleS says:

    I concur. What is interesting though is that I’m starting to see a trend in the luxury/fashion brands designing for these electronics companies.

    • Willzville says:

      No. Its just luxury/fashion brands are just adding their name to electronics, they certainly do not design them.

      I think this TV is pointless! The armani logo isn’t large enough, and doesn’t actually show the ‘giorgio armani’ name on it, so many people will not enough recognize the branding. On top of that, who here thinks of SAMSUNG as being a low-end electronic manufacturer??? Everytime I hear SAMSUNG, I hear CHING CHONG CHANG. lol.

      • not so ching chong c says:

        ching chong chang? i don't know what your ethnicity is but that is just straight up rude and stupid. Just proved how low your self-esteem is.

      • not so ching chong chang says:

        ching chong chang? i don’t know what your ethnicity is but that is just straight up rude and stupid. Just proved how low your self-esteem is.

      • Alexa says:

        hahah, totally agree.

      • Alexa says:

        hahah, totally agree.

  • minix00 says:

    thats just stupid… it looks like any other tv out… the only difference is the name its attached to… that makes it luxury? yeah right…

    • Firedog says:

      Actually, Samsung TV’s are some of the best on the market. So it would make sense that Armani would want to partner with them. Afterall they wouldn’t want to attach their name to an RCA or a Zenith. That having been said, it looks like every other flat panel tv out there.

  • buakaw says:

    Maybe this TV smells good ?

  • lewis says:

    Whoa that is amazing! A glossy black box! Armani truly is a great designer to have come up with something ground breaking as that… wait, what?

  • Robert says:

    i heard that it can dry clean suites as well

  • jin woo han says:

    but if someone give it to me, I reaally appreciate~

  • Shiella says:

    Yeah…I don’t see something special too…

  • just_ny says:

    oh my god ! crazy design

  • AG says:

    Idiot geniuses.

    Coming to a McDonalds near you.

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