Design For Communication

Design at its core has always been the exploration of spacial reference that may bring harmony or solutions to problems. The Dialogue/Monologue concept takes it a step further by focusing on the communicative aspect of design.

Two chairs can be configured multiple ways. The bright red color signifies a sense of urgency. Stacking them close together could be a social commentary about wanting to be close or at least open to it. Combining them could be a cooperative statement about solidarity. Bolting them down could represent the times we live in when good design has to deal with the possibility of theft.

Intuitive, graphic, and 100% recycled, Dialogue/Monologue helps us observe how our environments are really a statement about how we’re living, how we’re feeling. What does your space say about you?

Designer: Sylvain Favardin & Ludmila Korenarova