This exquisite coffee table was built using lava stone + paper rope dyed with madder roots

I believe that the secret to a great living room is an excellent coffee table. Coffee tables function as the centerpiece of a living room, hence you need to pick one that truly livens it up, and sets the tone for it. And, once the perfect coffee table has been set, you can start building the rest of the space around it – a comfy sofa, cute side tables, exquisite lighting, and elegant decorative pieces. They are all brought together by the right coffee table! And even coffee tables are getting more innovative, unique, and well-crafted by the day! And one such coffee table is the Lava Table by design studio Matang.

Designer: Matang for Galerie Revel

Design studio Matang designed this beautiful coffee table called the Lava Table for Galerie Revel. The stunning coffee table features an earthy color palette and a unique tabletop that’s been made from lava stone. Rightfully called Lava, the coffee table has an enameled piece of lava stone embedded in its tabletop. The lava stone has been sourced from a volcano in France.

The exquisite lava stone on the top is accentuated by the base which is built using burnt cedar, which is further wrapped in cotton rope. The cotton rope is hand-dyed using madder root, creating a mesmerizing effect that pairs up well with the lava stone. The Lava Table is meant to be utilized as a coffee table and comes in three sizes with diameters of 60,90 and 115 centimeters.

“These pieces of furniture want to express the potentiality of plants, creating a sensitive structure but also vibrant colors. Wood, roots, flowers, and fibers are transformed in Matang’s objects, revealing a palette of colors rooted in plants,” said Galerie Revel. And we couldn’t agree more. Matang’s use of natural materials in furniture pieces is truly worth applauding. The materials are treated with love and care, allowing them to artfully shine through, without weighing them down with unnecessary bells and tassels. The Lava Table’s aesthetics are quite bold and unique, so mind you, it won’t merge into any living space without a protest, it deserves a living room perfectly curated to allow it to shine!