Colorful wireless numpads make crunching numbers a bit livelier

Although handheld gaming PCs are trending these days, the majority of computers are still used for work. That’s especially true for desktop computers whose table-bound forms really emphasize the serious nature of their purpose. Unless you have a gaming desktop decked with RGB lighting and futuristic aesthetics, chances are your computer and its accessories lean more toward utilitarian aesthetics or minimalist styles at least. Some might even go so far as to call them clinical and boring, though there are definitely fans of these designs. Of course, that doesn’t mean things have to be this way all the time, and these wireless numeric keypads chuck convention out the window and embrace a more playful appearance that tries to add a bit of joy to every use.

Designer: Meletrix

Many desktop keyboards today, both wired and wireless, ditch the numeric keypad or numpad in the name of the economy of space. The logic behind this design is that not all computer users these days need a dedicated set of keys for speedy numeric input and those that do can simply by a separate numpad. Unfortunately, the selection of numpad designs available is mostly uninspiring, which makes the ZoomPad easily stand out from the crowd.

The ZoomPad is technically a selection of different chromatic themes that make the numpad pop through its color and accents. There’s a base color for the shell of the numeric keypad, which comes in color options with names like Strawberry Ice Cream, Milk Tea, Milky Green, Sky Blue, and more. The backplate also matches the theme but with a shiny metal finish that complements the aluminum top’s hue. In addition to the standard number and math keys, there are also three special keys and a programmable knob that expands the keypad’s functions just a little bit.

The colorful numpad actually comes as a kit that you have to assemble, and it includes even the RGB board that adds some flourish to the keypad in the dark. What it doesn’t come with, unfortunately, are the switches and keypads that actually make it into a usable keypad. You have to buy them separately, and, of course, the brand sells all types of mechanical switches and keycaps to suit anyone’s tastes. It does involve a bit of work, but it also offers more flexibility in mixing and matching colors. Keyboard enthusiasts might even appreciate that freedom.

It’s easy to take for granted what a change in style can do to lift one’s mood. Simply making the numpad look more appealing doesn’t change its functionality, aside from that additional knob, but it does help unburden the mind, which is something that’s actually common if you spend most of your computing time typing in numbers at a rapid rate.