Coffee gets the shaft…

What is better than a cup of fresh hot coffee? A FAST cup of fresh hot coffee of course. Once again, product designers have spelled the end of the spoon in our coffee/tea drinking tradition. Intended to be a simple solution for diners and less service oriented restaurants, this all in one tubular design holds both the instant coffee and the sugar/creamer in one neat package. When the contents are poured out, you simply use the package itself as a spoon to stir your brew. I can see tearing off the other end and using the left over carcass as a straw or pencil case… maybe not.

Designer: Hye-Yeon Choi


  • ModulesS says:

    simple yet innovative. By nature I’m sooo lazy and this helps reduce one more action needed to enjoy my cup of coffee.

  • eddiesmile says:

    Awesome! Every morning I ask myself, “How can I cut 4 seconds off of this so I can have some ME time?” BAM! There it is.

  • Claystil says:

    This product is simply stupid. It’s coffee for the swiffer generaion. Now I’ll wait here to attack the first person spouting off about plastic+heat=cancerdeath.

  • deenster says:

    2-in-1 (coffee and cream) and 3-in-1 (coffee, cream, sugar) packets are all the craze in Asia. They’re great because it’s convenient, quick and affordable. This is actually more eco-friendly because now, you don’t need a plastic spoon to stir your coffee. Now if they can only make the container from the sugar itself and let it slowly melt as you stir it, now that would be even better.

    • Claystil says:

      when i make coffee at home i use a metal spoon and a ceramic mug. there’s little waste. plastic seriously doesn’t need to be in the equation. plus, some folks say seeped plasticisers cause cancer.

  • SchruteBuck says:

    But I’d have to heat water up.

  • feverish says:

    perfect it lets you use something disposable rather than a spoon which you can wash and reuse

  • rdldr1 says:

    While you may think the spoon container is wasteful, its less wasteful than having a separate instant coffee/creamer/sugar packets. Plus the no need for a spoon means no need to toss a plastic spoon or stirrer, or “waste water” washing a spoon.

  • Dunny0 says:

    How much water do you need to “clean” a spoon that was used to just stir some damn coffee? I’d think merely wiping the thing clean after each use, with a real wash at the start and end of each week would be sufficient.

    Of course, real men don’t need spoons.

  • Amiash says:

    there are 3-1 coffee packages right?!why need this? you have the prerogative to not wash the reusable spoons anyway.

  • tyskkvinna says:

    I can also see this being super duper useful in travel situations.

  • dvdmovieking says:

    The problem I see with this is that it isn’t wrapped. You are taking the package that anyone could have touched and sticking it in your cup of coffee.

  • zuy says:

    the end of spoon, there is a french project ceramic for mix with a ceramic ball inside the cup
    (red dot award)
    the end of cup, spoon, there is a product around 1$ that becomes hot when you open it…
    the end of daily dose of sugar for diabet?YES
    the end of home made?NO
    the end of daily dose of “5% idea+95% shit around” (P. STARCK)

  • I see the tube, and I see the convenience. But what I don’t see is any protective covering ( perhaps like a straw).

  • Bill Martin says:

    I must say, the “coffee spoon” is by no means a new concept. This product has been made by Nescafe for many years in is heavily marketed in Europe and Asia. For some reason it has avoided north american shores. You can however, buy them on Ebay. I believe they are called
    Nescafe coffee sticks. Most of the Ebay vendors are from Britain and Thailand. SHipping can make them pricey.
    I also must say, being form the gourmet ghetto scene of Berkeley, Ca., the cup of coffee that these sticks create is superior to a one cup pod brewer that is so popular now and FAR SUPERIOR to a barista created Starbucks cup of coffee.


  • Su says:

    I saw this design at the RCA in 2006 …. nice idea! but someone already invented it!

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