Lean and Clean Balancing Machine

If you are like me and live in a place that has pressed dirt for walls (a.k.a. dry wall), the idea of hanging art, window shades or especially a book shelf, is not only an engineering feat in itself, but also a serious anxiety inducer. These types of walls seem to crumble at the very idea of being punctured by a screw, nail or dirty look. In a perfect world, all walls would be made from super durable, screw loving materials. They would also be sound proof and bullet proof…you never know. Well, if you are one of the lucky few with Dura-walls, you can still get your anxiety fix from this clever bookshelf design by Denis Oh – no he didn’t! Like a circus balancing act, this bookshelf called “Maintain The Balance of Your Knowledge!” shifts and swings from side to side depending on the placement of your books. If your books on politics tend to lean to the left, so does your shelf, if it is more to the right, then the shelf will go with the flow and lean towards war in Iraq. Weighted with hanging counter-balancers, you can even the playing field out at any time with a simple adjustment… or compassion.

Designer: Denis Oh


  • marten says:

    Thats a really, I would buy it – just for having some more fun with a bookshelf. Well done.

  • marten says:

    Damn: I wanted to say that it is a really great design. 11:30 is much to early.

  • bystander says:

    very playful design, just can’t help but wonder what my kids will do with it.

  • TH says:

    Cats would have so much fun with this…

  • AG says:

    Dig that.

  • serge says:

    Bravo, beautiful idea, beautiful concept

  • MrBlahBlah says:

    so let’s see….you take a book off the shelf that you want to read…and BAM, all the books fall off.


    • Curves says:

      The kind of person that would own this doesnt actually READ books. (Like the dumbasses that wear glasses to look intelligent even though they dont need them.)

  • ParJoe says:

    This looks like it would be kinda fun. It takes up too much space on the wall though.

  • Bill Gates says:

    Where can I get one? Very creative! Want this for my blue wall as well. Please let me know.

  • DeadWriter says:

    This is perfect for people that never use their books.

    I once helped a bookcase in which all of the books were beautiful leather bound copies with gilded edges. As a reward I could take any one book. None of them had ever been opened. So there is a market for this shelf.

  • Denis Oh says:

    This is just a concept design. Consequently you can’t get it, sorry.

  • rocky says:

    Why in God’s name would anyone want to do that!

  • Christine Chung says:

    This gives me great idea for wall installation for exhibition or semi-permanent installation.

  • Jables says:

    can see this being very fiddly, and in the end i think i would just get annoyed!! Novelty

  • kevin Thio says:

    Cool. Where can i get one.

  • nan says:

    Good idea!!!!!!!! I would buy it ~~~~~~~~

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