Lean and Clean Balancing Machine

If you are like me and live in a place that has pressed dirt for walls (a.k.a. dry wall), the idea of hanging art, window shades or especially a book shelf, is not only an engineering feat in itself, but also a serious anxiety inducer. These types of walls seem to crumble at the very idea of being punctured by a screw, nail or dirty look. In a perfect world, all walls would be made from super durable, screw loving materials. They would also be sound proof and bullet proof…you never know. Well, if you are one of the lucky few with Dura-walls, you can still get your anxiety fix from this clever bookshelf design by Denis Oh – no he didn’t! Like a circus balancing act, this bookshelf called “Maintain The Balance of Your Knowledge!” shifts and swings from side to side depending on the placement of your books. If your books on politics tend to lean to the left, so does your shelf, if it is more to the right, then the shelf will go with the flow and lean towards war in Iraq. Weighted with hanging counter-balancers, you can even the playing field out at any time with a simple adjustment… or compassion.

Designer: Denis Oh