Is that a dinghy in your pocket?

“All I ask is a small ship, and a star to steer her by…” I know, the actual Masefield quote refers to a “tall” ship, but when a tall ship is a tall order and you feel the deep need to set sail, the “Urban Skiff” by Thomas Giger, Anita Meyer, Florian Ueker, Femke Morf & Thomas Etter, just might be your perfect escape plan from the urban jungle. This portable/foldable sail boat comes complete and ready to assemble in a rather suspicious looking body bag duffle bag. Just drag this thing down four flights of stairs, down into the subway, across the park and drop sail faster than Tony Soprano tying up a lose end. With all the “urban lifestyle” concepts floating about, this one just might have (sea) legs.

Designer: Thomas Etter, Thomas Giger, Anita Meyer, Florian Ueker & Femke Morf