Curved iMac has your back…

Many things come to mind when I imagine new features that might be useful on my Mac; a touch screen, integrated 3G connectivity, pop-out remote control, integrated LCD projector, and maybe even a ninja bear defense radar system… I had an incident, let it go. Designer Nuno Teixeira believes every computer should be two faced and with more curves. I dated that girl for a while and it was a hot nightmare, but his “iView” iteration of an Apple’s iMac definitely has a lot more appeal. Taking a cue from the 1950’s CINERAMA wrap-around movie theatre screens, this iMac iMock-up features a giant curved screen(for better orientation to the natural curvature of the human eye) and a second built in LCD screen on the back(useful for students and graphic designer.) While shooting for the stars, Nuno also included two webcams(front and back). The likelihood this will ever be made? 0%, the likelihood I would really like one of these? 100%

Designer: Nuno Teixeira


  • MINIX says:

    that would be sweet… Apple should break the mold on modern day computers and do something futuristic and crazy like this…

    • AG says:

      They have been since day one.

      This is just an impossible step further (than what is available right now). Yeh yeh yeh, sure it’s possible right now, but the cost would be around the price of a new Bimmer.

    • Ringhorne says:

      Apple seems to spend most of its designing and engineering time on breaking molds— consider the iMac, the iMac, and then the iMac (three generations of blasting conformity in the face with one product alone). So let’s cut those daring men and women and their flying peripherals due respect for being the innovators that they are.

      This would be a very, very ideal, low-clutter, finessed device for teaching, demonstration, close-quarters presentation, etc. The shape suggests it would be very costly, though.

      Ignoring cost, as there is always a market for a good product, really break convention and why not make this a high-end business tool: put the large screen on the “audience” side and the small screen for the user? I would not have a use for this, but my thoughts blush at how much function it would offer for business expos, product shows, demonstrations, training, meetings, video conferencing, and more.

      Gorgeous — I wonder how to prevent pointing fingers from knocking the thing on its convex side, into the user (in my suggestion of developing it as a large-screen-outward presentation tool).

  • BREEZE says:


    I would love to buy this piece of technology!

    Its so different from the computers we usually see around the shops

  • KUBSTER says:

    i guess i dont totally understand it, but the screen itself is something that i feel would be a lot better then a flat screen and it is wider I love the idea!

  • Step666 says:

    I’m just curious, how feasible is a curved screen?

    I understand that all this e-ink stuff is flexible but it’s nowhere near the stage at which we would want to use it as the primary display on a PC, is it?

    So, right now, is it possible to make something like this?

    • NcSchu says:

      I recall seeing a large curved monitor (by Dell, perhaps?) during the CES coverage, so it’s definitely possible.

      • delithic says:

        The screen doesn’t have to be flexible because its not moving. Its just manufactured in a curve instead of flat.

        It will probably be more expensive to make, but I don’t see any difference between this and a flat screen technology wise. I think its a neat design. Although the screen on the back defeats the added privacy from the curve reducing the veiwing angle.

        • Jimi says:

          the screen on the back would make if perfect for classrooms. The teacher can see what you are looking at. No more looking at porn when you are supposed to be doing algebra.

      • coreyb says:

        It was an Alienware monitor.
        Here is a link to it on engaget

        • mela says:

          yes, just clicked on the link and the techology had began by others. By man, look at the design, apple is 10yrs ahead of alienware!!

    • Jesse (Materials Eng says:

      OLED screens are emerging now to offer curved screens. They're actually flexible too, but this design doesn't seem to need the flexibility. I think Apple could also find a way to make a regular LED screen that curves. If you look at how an LCD screen is made, making a curved version looks to be quite simple as long as you can make the tools for the production line (meaning more expenses).

    • Jesse (Materials Engineer) says:

      OLED screens are emerging now to offer curved screens. They’re actually flexible too, but this design doesn’t seem to need the flexibility. I think Apple could also find a way to make a regular LED screen that curves. If you look at how an LCD screen is made, making a curved version looks to be quite simple as long as you can make the tools for the production line (meaning more expenses).

  • SirNirian says:

    Well i think we can all safely assume that it would be perfectly plausible that apple release or at least start rumors about a television (no not apple T.V. but more like an iT.V.) i think this would be a good time for them to start.

  • Jake says:

    I’m a designer – I’d love to know how that extra screen that you can’t see is useful. Especially as it’s curved surface has “worse orientation to the natural curve of the human eye”.

    • Willzville says:

      Yeah the extra screen is useless, and so is the curved front screens (makes it harder to read, etc)

  • Scilly Guy says:

    OK I love concept designs and different screens, the Sony Viao with its screen surrounded by glass, the Alienware Prototype curved monitor, the Dell Prototype that is similar to the Viao, and this design. Now if you put it on a curved track and an arm like the old iMac (the dome with the screen on a stalk) and made it just a screen, not a mac, so anyone can afford and want one, THEN I would do anything and everything to get my hands on it.

  • Mominul Hoque says:

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  • Blah says:

    What is a curve screen good for? Games maybe? I don’t see my self playing a lot of games on a Mac. Sorry I think it’s cool but nothing else. And the second screen?

  • Mish80921 says:

    I think this is cool and shows the possibility of a computer in a less traditional monolithic desktop light. It would seem to me that enabling/disabling the second monitor would be a no brainer setting. The concept could have value in an open floor work environment where, on a swivel, it could eliminate the need to shoulder surf when discussing a work product

  • tek_nic says:

    I like the second screen. It would be perfect for my point of sale PC here at the office. Having a reversed screen to show the customer things like specs, drawings, or maybe just have the return policy displayed as default 😛

  • Grifter says:

    I know for privacy reasons a curved screen is helpful. 2nd screen, not so much. 2 cameras are nice only if you want to show people how much dust you have collecting behind your crappy computer (for 99% of the buyers) or a wall most likely. But ideas are ideas and it’s always nice to think out of the box.

    I do like the monitor and I guarantee if you saw a flat monitor and this monitor sitting side by side and this one cost $100 more, I would think most people would spend the extra money for this one for the coolness factor alone.

  • graffiksguru says:

    I like it, not as thick as the alienware and nec monitors, although I don’t know how useful the screeen on the back is going to be, maybe make that an option. Hopefully one day will become reality!

  • brain says:

    this might be the only piece of hardware i would ever buy from apple. of course i would put vista on it for real gaming and real computing.

    • Clarify says:

      “real computing” what does that even mean? Excel? Ruby on Rails? C++? Java?

      stick with your gaming comment… or just buy an XBox 360.

    • JS says:

      You have no clue. What exactly is REAL computing.

      • brain says:

        haha. must be a mac fanboy.
        real computing like managing servers, business apps, security, data infrastructure….

        if you want to be productive, use a pc.
        if you have a lot of time, use linux.
        if you want to check your email and update myspace and sport a smug attitude, use mac.

        • Clarify says:

          Nope, using a PC. And I do no “managing servers, business apps, security, data infrastructure….” but then again, neither does 99.99% of the world either. I dont have use for myspace and I actually do check email… wow, you got one right. Now get back to your tech support Geek Squad job and order some Dominos Pizza.

          • lulz says:

            Vista’s s***. Trash.


            I want a computer OS without the 5000 vulnerabilities…..

            Security? On Vista? Are you on crack?

            And the only reason there’s more software for Windows is because more people use windows.

            For whatever masochistic or stupid reason…

  • David G says:

    I think OLED screens are much easier to curve than LCDs, and are being used in many high-end ultraporable laptops. As the technology comes down in price, high quality curved screens will become feasible.

    Also the wide curved screen idea isn’t just a gimmick or for extra privacy. Because the screen is same distance from the user’s eyes at all points, you can focus more easily.
    + moving field of vision horizontally much easier than vertically

    These actually make more ergonomic sense than what we use atm.

  • Looks like a rip of an actual working prototype from Alienware. I guess if Apple would design this it would sell a heap to their fans who would think Apple was the first to design one.
    I actually can’t see the point of the curve, your eyes are perfectly fine in focusing for screens and a curve would not make it better.

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  • mohammad says:

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  • Name says:

    OK why cant apple just come out something COOL for once the macbook AIR ok vaio had a computer just like it 3 YEARS ago… for them to make something like this would be sweat but nothing new…. I hope it is gonna be a fast computer this time… PLEASE just tell me they will come out with something cool

  • Rony John says:

    Apple Concepts Simply Rock….

  • Colin says:

    I don’t know why I need a curve monitor… My Flat one works fine :S….

    Plus everything I view on the curve monitor will be out of proportion. =.=”

  • Ar says:


  • Peter says:

    So, how big is this curved screen? Does anyone know?

  • MOAT says:

    Logistics and technology set aside, a wonderful innovative idea. I want one even though it doesn’t exist!

  • Willzville says:

    Now this is some A-Grade stupid design. Even a legally endorsed retard can design a curved imac (actually, a retard would probably find it easier than a flat front design). THE POINT IS… it is useless to design a product that cannot be made or is unfeasible. This is the difference between an idiot product designer, and a design engineer.

  • Manrrn says:

    Very nice & sweat design … *****

  • pure innovation, amazing technology. In my shopping list!

  • anon says:

    why doesn’t everyone just worship a golden idol of steve jobs….

    lets design everything for Apple !!!!!!!!!

  • Zoosty says:

    the technology is out guys! philips and sony’s new e-paper and flexible screen. This will be doable very very soon!

  • Will says:

    They could easily make various sizes of this for various sizes of presentations. Even if it wasn’t for a presentation I would loooove to have a huge touch screen computer on my wall.

  • Used Macs says:

    New flexi screens will take off just like touch and LCD have. Just watch technology costs plummet as soon as we see a market entry.

  • apptap says:

    OMG i want one. Only problem is, the law demands computer screens to be adjustable :/ but who cares i’d get one.

  • Dragos says:

    What can I say?…oh yeah!!!! Kitsch!!!!

  • Rono says:

    Ah, I want it.

  • Great contributions and opinions.

  • I recall seeing a large curved monitor (by Dell, perhaps?) during the CES coverage, so it’s definitely possible.

  • ExpressMacs says:

    Wow, that is really sweet. Was this just a concept or did will it ever come out?

  • Tiendas Led says:

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