It’s Like I’m Raving Everywhere I Go

The Music Light isn’t the first light show device generated by measuring certain frequencies of sound. In fact there are already a few on the market. This one takes it one step further because sound can be visualized in a way no current product on the market can do. Instead of just flashing, you can see pulses of light move up and down the cords, pulsating, rippling, shifting colors even.

I personally think it doesn’t do much for the wearer since I’m hard pressed to ever stare at my cord, but for passer-bys I’m sure will bring up nostalgic feelings of dark club scenes with laser shows and glow sticks.

Designer: Terence Woon


  • Falta virar real…eu compro claro

  • Very nice concept, I like it! 🙂
    But I need to see it for real, it could be amazing!

  • Falta virar real…eu compro claro

  • Sarah says:

    Super! I’m a cameraoperator, that is amazing during night/catwalk/darklight shooting!! You don’t need to take in a hand any MagLight! You ‘ve got sound and light together! bravo! I want one please, I can show to all !!

  • alper celik says:

    it looks cool, while i am on the go on metro or bus i am sure people will like it and look it. I hope the sound quality is also very high ?

  • robin Karl says:

    omg that’s so cool 🙂
    where can I buy it?

  • Matt says:

    Good design is not thinking of the next “hoverboard” – it’s keeping one foot on the floor.

    Were does the circuitry needed to run this off a standard ipod go?

    Where is the power source coming from?

    How do you create a chain of independently illuminated light sources in an ultra thin cable?

    I’ve seen numerous illuminated headphone wires but all of them have add-on power packs and electronic modules.

    This isn’t industrial design, this is illustrated brain storming!

  • ting says:

    it’s cool
    I like it

  • Chioke Rosalia says:

    Yeah, really handy when you need to go through dark alleys… Your assailants can 1) know you coming from afar, 2) know that you have something of value on your person (Ipod or other MP3-player) and 3) know that you probably won’t hear them sneaking up on you. I love it when a design work acroos the baord.

    PS Maybe I’ve been living in the city for too long

  • Chioke Rosalia says:

    workS acroSs the board

  • colin haley says:

    wow how old is your i-pod lol i like it just as long as the coards arnt to thick and stiff

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