The Shape of Things to Come…

Curves are the new black when it comes to industrial design. From the elongated drop silhouette of Apple’s Macbook AIR laptop computer, to the very sexy swooping lines of the Fisker “Karma” Hybrid Sports Car. At Yanko we sometimes run across objects of desire that are truly intriguing by design but confusing when it comes to function. This collection of leather home accessories by Jerome Olivet for French home furnisher ROCHE BOBOIS, is a perfect example of this. From what we could gather we have a photo-frame, a basket, a magazine rack, a laptop surface?, a charger plate?, a vase? and a flux capacitor? Whatever they are intended to function as, they are certainly beautifully designed with luscious gradient curves begging to be touched. I suppose that when objects look this good, they don’t really need an obvious function… and so explains my failing love life.

Designer: Jerome Olivet

Photograph slips into a slim frame with dynamic lines and in the back the curved skin reveals the foot.

In an infinite movement, the curve is rolled up and becomes a pot or a basket.

The skins curve and into this rounded space with ergonomic details appear a handle. You slide newspapers and paper.

A wave starts at the horizon and is closed delicately on your pencil. You work freely in this natural scene.

A box or a basket opens and is closed by simple torsion of leather ribbons.

Leather flower opens delicately and receives your precious objects.


  • paul sandip says:

    Quite interesting!….like the thought… 🙂

  • bald skull says:

    i’m a fan of Jerome Olivet. he has a distint style and hope for more of his work to come.

  • zuy says:

    nice surprise…after a wonderful plastic collection … a leather collection
    i’m a fan of Olivet/ France too….

  • Anthony Barnett says:

    There you are. Someone to shift man away from the cliches and stereotypes of contemporary design. Jerome’s work brings spirit and excitement into everything he designs. Beautiful things.
    Thank you.

    Anthony Barnett

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