Conspicuous Consumption on the rocks…with a twist

We here at Yanko Design are suckers for a good stiff drink and a really obvious marketing ploy. So when the makers of Bombay Sapphire Gin dropped this little gem on us, we just had to succumb. The “Revelation” crystal bottle by designer Karim Rashid, is essentially a bottle of off-the-shelf gin in a ridiculously opulent crystal bottle shaped like a gemstone. Encrusted with sapphires and diamonds by jewelry house Garrard, and housed in a 10 facet crystal vessel by Baccarat, this several-of-a-kind commercial can be yours for a mere $200,000 USDs. The good news is that it is a beautifully designed work of art and all profits from it’s sale go to a children’s charity. The bad new is that it is a $200,000 bottle of gin! Next round is on you.

Designer: Karim Rashid [ Via: Dezeen ]