Drink Water How Nature Intended!

You may think that the water that flows from the faucets within your home is the ideal water, and tastes like… well, water! But it could still be improved, and that’s where MAYU comes in. When water sits in the network of pipes, it is hidden from air so none of the natural, beneficial chemical reactions are able to occur, and pathogens build up… not to mention the added chlorine! This isn’t how nature intended water to be consumed.

MAYU gently swirls the water in a natural, calming manner to release the contaminants and keep the water oxygenated! The mesmerizing swirling motion mimics those that are found in nature; the introduction of atmospheric air and the removal of contaminants creates not only healthier water, but also tastier water as well. And all of this is done in around nine minutes!

This is all contained within an inconspicuously designed product, where the innovative motor is near silent and the non-glazed porcelain base creates a product that sits wonderfully on the dining table.

Designer: Zeev Zohar

Click here to Buy Now: $99 $169 (41% off).








Click here to Buy Now: $99 $169 (41% off). Hurry, less than 24 hours left and over $500,000 pledged!