Tree That Grows Water

My my, these Korean designers just never run out of ideas. The latest is a Water Tree. Hear us out. Imagine a pendent lamp over your dining room table. Now imagine if that lamp had fruit. Imagine if that fruit held water. And while we’re at it lets say that water is filtered. That’s the Water Tree concept.

You never have to leave the dining table when thirsty. All you do is reach up and pull one of the “fruits”. Just remember blue ones are cold, red ones are hot. And don’t forget to put them back to get a refill. But sensei, how do I know when the filter needs a changing? Grasshopper, just pay attention to the color changing fruit. If they’re grey, then obviously it’s time.

Just a concept for now but an intriguing one. A clever attempt at combining the natural with artificial.

Designer: Woo Seok Park, Jin Hee Kim & Hyung Kim