DeCon Post Modernism meets Gaudi in Singapore

Institutions of higher learning are not generally associated with any form of modern architecture. Aside from a few notables like Art Center School of Design in Pasadena and a hand full of others scattered around the globe, most people generally associate finer colleges and universities with stoic, stone carved vestiges of a time when men wore velvet and women were discouraged from even reading about velvet. A perfect example of how far we have come from that era is the LaSalle SIA Art College in Singapore. Housing six different schools of art in one fluid structure, architectural firm RSP have created an “Art Canyon” effect that successfully focuses the living energy internally. This internal focus ingeniously serves a dual purpose; by creating a creative hive effect of activity, while at the same time saving valuable real estate in a city quickly running out of usuable space. A near perfect example of form following function.

Architect: RSP [ Read More At: DesignBoom ]