Post Apocalyptic Pulpit for the Pious

Deep in the heart of Lorraine, France stands the Church Saint Eucaire de METZ. This church is home to one of the most extraordinary collections of custom crafted furniture on God’s green Earth. Inspired by visions of the New Testament’s version of the apocalypse. With flowing vertical lines representing the ascension of Jesus Christ and reflections of water flowing into infinity, this future gothic furniture has heavenly aspirations. Resembling what might be found in the chapel in Superman’s Fortress of Solitude, the intention is similar in spirit. Good design does have the power to lift our spirits and inspire greatness from us all. We think Superman and Jesus would both agree.

Designer: Frank & Stanimira Rafaschieri [ Thanks Frank for the pictures and nice working with you ]


  • timqui says:

    the shape is great, I have only problem with “green” glass, interesting!

  • Tiger says:

    very good work ! Beautiful Design!!!

  • Jaine says:

    The Design goes perfectly with the Gothic church. Surprising and Splendid.

    • adam says:

      I think these DON’T go well. There is not one piece of metal or clear glass in the entire place! The concept is superb, but execution of the table, podium, and chairs could use some major reworking.

  • Peter says:

    Woawwwwwww ! The design is very innovating.

    Glass and the Materials Aluminium are very well.

    It is light ! The table it’s spendid and the spirals give water cascade.
    Water of the life as in the bible?

    I live them !!! good work.

  • Nora says:

    Superb !

  • Staphan says:

    Transparent’ furniture for the church, It’s very well done. It’s a great risk-taking and courage to make a project incorporating progress and providing a narrative in a church of 12 èeme sciècle in France. They have talent!

  • Nguyen says:


  • Clemency says:

    Wonderful design i must say, but i also must agree that the use of materials and form do not generate the right style to have any link to the church. It looks quite out of place. But
    nevertheless, excellent design 🙂

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