Your Mobile Phone’s Best Friend

If dogs are to man then the MCube is to mobile phones. This industrious little cube is a wireless charger, bluetooth speaker, and information display. When you come home just place your mobile near the MCube. Using short range induction technology, your phone gets juiced up while all basic information like date/time, messages, and caller ID are transfered to the MCube’s built-in display. What’s more, the touch controls on the MCube enable you to access your mobile’s music files and pumps it out thru built-in speakers via bluetooth. Who wants one?

Designer: VINYL Studio (Sohui Won, Seung-Hoon Kwak & Yeong-Kyu Yoo)


  • önder says:

    really great design…

  • önder says:

    really great design…

  • Andrew says:

    Add an alarm clock function to it…and I’m there.

  • Region2 says:

    My love for all things wireless knows no bounds. I say this while surrounded in the cables, wires, and cords I need to maintain my “modern” lifestyle. If only these things would come out sooner. The design is really nice remind me of the hard to get KDDI AU Neons.

  • Xint says:

    …I’ll take 2, please.

  • FLX says:

    really nice concept, nice execution – safe for one point: if we continue this way, 10 years from now we ll all be sitting in our apprtments, surrounded by black and white boxes. Come on, you guys really want that..? There has got to be some formal creativity re-injected in the modern design process i think! But thats no disrespect to the work of the designers here… just needed to say this.

  • Itsmrjp says:

    i like this thing. its a concept tho ;_;

  • AG says:


    This is crap.

    This is not design.

    A designer who ‘designs’ a box to bring a non-tangible technology into the real world has not done anything.
    Literally, it is a box.
    This technology was created for this exact purpose. The designer A) made a box. B) is riding the success of another’s work and genius.

    This is not a real product.

    This is just a tangible representation of a technology designed to perform this exact function as being portrayed.

    Look up Scent Dome, this is a great example of both the engineers and designers working together to make a product. Not a technology stolen from a designer to ride the wave of success.

  • MiB says:

    So every designer creating a chair, a phone, a television is surfing on somebody else stolen idea???… Light and lamps designers are riding the wave of electricity success??? Designers are not inventors, but “shapers”.

    But I do agree with you: this is crap, because it look like most of the trendy tech toys emerging all around, and because the look doesnt fit at all the function. No personnality, nothing really new…

    Btw, ScentDome is absolutely awful, and, more important, absolutely useless… A great example of talented engineers and designers wasting their time…

    • AG says:


      I suppose my point was that this designer clearly read about the technology used to transfer power remotely to charge a cell phone, and thought….

      I’m going to make a product that is used to transfer power remotely to charge a cell phone.

      Here, this is a box, that’s what it does. Nothing new. Solves no problems. Why isn’t it a dome? Why isn’t it a dock? Why isn’t it a duck? Maybe cell phones will be on keyrings in the next few years, the design could be a coat-hook or key-hook. Hell, why isn’t it the table itself? There, I just made a better, more functional design.

      Lamp designers think about the interaction between human and light, the ‘interface’ or switch, dimming solutions, sculptural forms, weight, shipping, materials, how many bulbs, how the light interacts with certain environments, how the lamp itself interacts with different environments (found a lamp here on Yanko that is like tentacles that reach into space, for example). Sure, it is a ‘stolen’ technology. But it’s not like Edison made a light bulb, then a designer came along the next day with a box, with a light bulb screwed into it and said ‘look, I just made this new product, a lamp!”

  • mads says:


  • dika says:

    the idea to create remote charger for mobile phones is great, but why must use as a big box? why not anything as simple as i don’t know maybe the remote charger comes with device with touchscreen and speaker, the connectivity maybe using the newest technology in future comes. so it will be sleek and futuristic. so keep creating and designing. 😀

  • Kyran Cinflaria says:

    This is not anything new. The technology for this has been around for nearly 200 years. You might as well make a computer in the shape of a sphere and call it new technology

  • MOHAMED says:


    • hartigan says:

      Erm….Mohamed, Wireless electricity was invented by Mr.Tesla.
      And its beeing developed nowadays to be able to charge mobile phones without the need of plugging them

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