Martini Glass to Compliment Bombay Sapphire

Bombay Sapphire is pretty unique with a delicate botanical flavor. Of course the most luxe martini drink demands the same from accompanying glassware. Benjamin Hubert has designed a martini glass to reflect that aesthetic. Hand blown and shaped, this martini glass evokes the organic and botanical sensibility of Bombay Sapphire. Of course when not in use, turn the glass over and use it as a coat rack for your hamster!

Designer: Benjamin Hubert

The following images illustrate the process. 1. Shaping the molten glass.

2. Blowing the bowl into a cork mould.

3. Shaping the bowl.

4. Adding and shaping the glass for the stem of the vessel.

5. Maintaining The temperature of the Glass.

6. Adding and shaping the ‘Root System base’.

7. Maintaining The temperature of the Glass.

8. Adding the decorative root system.

9. Final Adjustments.