Hang On For Dear Life

Desk space is a premium so designers try to cater that by creating objects with smaller footprints. Take for example this Hanging Printer. The bulk of its components are actually underneath the desk. The paper feed and print head are the only parts sitting on the desk. The casing has an embedded LCD to indicate status. It makes for a simple clean modern aesthetic that’s actually quite a solve for today’s cluttered desktops.

Designer: Jin Hee Kim, Hyung Il Kim & Woo Seok Park


  • Bash says:

    well I got a possible downside? You can’t leave it printing while you go get a coffee? or else you will end up with a desk full of papers? Maybe not the bigest problem, but just thought of it… and a very cool concept

  • wwwo says:

    we can already make ink jet printers as thin as the top half of this printer

    However this does look nice , and in that extra hanging space you could probably fit a laser printer

  • That Guy says:

    Wouldn’t it make a lot more sense to print vertically and drop the finished pages into a slanted basket underneath? Maybe that’s hard to visualize. Imagine one of those bins you see stuck to office doors, the ones with triangular sides. Place it underneath the hanging part of the printer, drop pages down into it, and as the pages hit the bottom they fall to the slanted left edge of the bin. That way you can even print the pages in the order they’ll appear in the finished stack.

  • chetan sorab says:

    quite crisp……would save a lot of dead space on the table.

  • cha0tic says:

    I don’t see how it really saves that much desk space, you still need space on the top of the desk for the paper to come out.

    Plus looking at the paper path, a feed jam looks like it would be a nightmare.

  • Joshua Guttman says:

    Forget printers, this would be a great cpu case design. A 2 inch lip that sits on top of the desk with the cd rom and usb/memory card connection and then a big horizonal case that wraps around under the desk that holds everything else!

    Like this:


  • sjon says:

    Nice clean design. But with the USB cables on the desk level you can forget the “uncluttered desk” idea.

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