Yanko Design Is Looking For Writers

The site is growing more quickly than we could have possibly imagined, reaching 1.7 million page views per month! We’re looking for a couple of design-loving writers to join our team! You don’t have to be a professional writer or even be a designer, but you must enjoy writing about design and be capable of expressing yourself in a clear, engaging way.

We need someone who can commit to blogging daily or every two days, but we’re extremely flexible about the schedule. To apply, we need:

• Three sample posts
• A few words about yourself and why you’re interested in design or writing about design
• Your Resume
• Your contact info and scheduling, including a ballpark number of posts per week
• Your rate per post

How to apply

Once your application is complete, send us an e-mail at resumes-at-yankodesign.com


  • Smooth says:

    Do You Pay

  • Jorge G says:

    And Traslate in Spanish?
    You are interested?

    Jorge G

  • Region2 says:

    I stumbled upon your website and fell in love with it. I wish I could apply as a writer, but I come here for design information and would not be the best contributor. Best of luck to you guys on your search.

  • Brian says:

    Hay, I am an author on the “tec” website (wizzhack) “www.wizzhack.co.uk” and i am interested in becoming a writer on this website, i am not sure if you think my writing is to standard of this website, there are a few problems including my age (15), email me if you are interested if not, well i can try.


  • Varinya says:

    I am keen to join such a growing group. I have been a journalist. Can provide you sample articles on request.

    Kindly let me know the payment details (word limit), so that accordingly i can take a call.

    many thanks.

  • Makiroll says:

    You guys have a deadline for this?
    Thanks in advance.

    • Yanko Design says:

      Technically we do not have a deadline set but we received many applicants, and we’re currently in the process of sifting through applications.

  • yang jae says:

    Hi, I’m interested in this notice.
    But I’m worry about my English ability( specially grammar errors) because i’m not an english native writter.
    Actually I’m Korean. but I really want this.
    I’ll wait for your reply. Thanks.

  • zdesign says:

    Maybe I can give a try.

  • Kyl Lechtenberg says:

    I have been coming to this site ever since I discovered it a year ago. As an industrial designer I would love the opportunity to contribute to this site as well as get the first look at emerging tech.

  • tanuki says:

    which blog are we going to post in?

    i am an electronics engineer and would be interested writing for you.

    I am in Southeast Asia. would that be alright?

  • Logan U says:

    Hey there
    I’m an industrial design student in Toronto, and I love writing. Used to pen articles for a few small newspapers and stuff, so if you’re interested, I definitely am.

  • Nestor says:

    Hi, little off topic question, but I was wondering what keyboard is depicted in the thumbnail image for this topic? Looks very sleek.

    Many Thanks

  • John says:

    Yeah, keyboard looks great.
    Can you give the model?

  • tanuki says:

    you mention “Three sample posts” in the application requirements. do we post them at a specific site or can we send in a document of our sample technical articles?


  • I’m happy to hear that Yankodesign is growing so much …good news. I would also be interested to get in the Yanko Design team, but I think I need more details.

  • Tom says:

    Are you still taking applications?

  • Jason says:

    I have submitted my application. I hope the attached Word file didn’t get removed by protection software. Look forward to hearing from you folks. 🙂

  • K.Shane S. says:

    A friend of mine forwarded the link to this post to me. I took a look at the Random Designs page and skimmed over it. There are some very fascinating concepts there. I’m actually a freelance graphic artist but in my free time on occasion I write movie reviews for a couple of websites. Its not a job I just do it for fun and some people have said they like my reviews. I guess thats why my buddy referred me to this post. I’m not sure what kind of “rate per post” I would expect but this does sound interesting to me. I don’t know if I would really qualify to write reviews about designs but it could be something I could try I suppose.

  • Jon Spooner says:

    While we probably couldn’t help you with daily content – we could help you fill the pet section on Yanko with some standout designs. Check out our site for more: http://PupStyle.com

    Jon Spooner

  • tanuki says:

    any updates?

  • Stefan says:

    is their an age required?

  • Hi there!

    I tried sending my application via e-mail but I guess you posted a wrong address above? Can’t be delivered, FYI.

    Anyway, here’s about myself…

    Just recently, I discovered that I can write, I started on blogs but most are merely serious (since my condition WAS in my emotional, distressed mode) but I can also be witty, funny, depends on the demand.

    I’m graphic designer by the way, from different industries of this country; hotel, law, ad agency, etc. I love writing and I can see that this could be a good step for me to do blogs / writings since you market the same field – designs.

    You can check out everything about me ang my blogs here: http://michellecledesma.multiply.com/

    Looking forward to hear from you!


  • Eponymous says:

    The words “include a resume” always scare me off. I don’t have anything on there that relates to blogging.

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