IM Creator – ‘Almost-Done’ Creative Website Solutions for Designers, Architects, Businesses, Individuals and More

Someone rightly said that there are no first impressions anymore. If you are heading to clinch a deal with a new client, then the first thing they will do is Google you. Up comes your name and your website – now this is your first impression. With the IM Creator platform, get the opportunity to create an impressive impact, and what sweetens the deal is the ease with which you built your own website. Allow us to walk you through it.

Looks matter and so does quality and affordability, this is the honest truth about the digital world. Quite frankly, if we were a badly designed website, would you be even here? Take it from the folks who live, breathe and worship Good Design; for a personalized website, you require a platform that allows you to create, update, maintain & promote your website.

Sure there are free portfolio sites, some that come with a premium upgrade, but that is very lame if you are looking at building an online reputation and wanted to be taken seriously. We go through a thousand portfolio sites each day, and we know which designer or firm has the edge by simply browsing their site.

As an architect or a designer, we know that you want to be in full creative control of your site. It may sound impressive to seek help from the experts of platforms like Basekit, where you simply fill out a form and their team does the work for you. But imagine giving away control of what should be your ‘online persona’, we’d much rather opt for an easy-to-use and understand platform like IM Creator. Some of our friends have given it a shot and reckon you should too; perhaps this Discount Code can help you get started.

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IM Creator stems out of the frustrations felt by the family and friends of the creators. When you have experienced the complications of trying to code a site using HTML and annoyance of customizing the design layout and skin of the site, then you will appreciate the efforts of this platform.

So far, more than 4,833,691 sites have been created. In essence, the platform is all about making website building a simple and enjoyable experience, accessible for everyone.

You can browse through the finest collection of web-designs, which can be easily edited to suit your style. Moreover the IM Creator platform offers reliable hosting, so we are talking about a site for posterity!

IM Creator – this is how it works:

Step 1 – Choose a Design: each month IM Creator publishes a dozens new templates to pick from. These can be customized to suit: portfolio websites for designers, photographers and artists, websites for business professionals, websites for restaurants and more. Browse the catalog and pick your design; all templates are feature compelling and relevant content, so they’re pretty close to completion.

Step 2 – Customize: after selecting a design, you can start inserting your content – text, pictures, videos etc. Simply click on the element you wish to edit and insert your content. IM Creator will then adapt your content to the existing design, hassle-free for you.

Step 3 – Publish: After you have done your bit, simply hook up to your existing domain or purchase a new one. Your new Google-friendly website gives you the facility of having your own email!

If you ever get confused, simple ask for help and someone will surely help you in a jiffy!

Final recap: website building is easy, only if you use the right platform. Take it from us…we have worked with several redesigns and know how painful the process used to be – but it is not anymore. Head to IM Creator.