Keeping Kids SmartFit

As a parent, it is so easy for us to put the blame on distractive devices and gadgets for our children’s sedentary lifestyle. Instead of pointing fingers at technology, how about using it to our advantage and ensuring we imbibe smarter habits? Miiya is a dedicated fitness SmartWatch that tracks the activity of your child. It helps promote exercise and inculcate healthier lifestyle choices.

Kids are a bundle of energy and when that sugar rush hits them, the only way to expend their hyperactivity is to make them more mobile. While gaming and couch surfing are an acceptable part of the current lifestyle, you will be surprised to see how sedentary and detrimental it gets in the long run.

Miiya essentially establishes a target of one hour of physical activity, as recommended by the WHO guidelines.

Key Features:

  • Miiya measures kids’ Inactivity / moderate activity / vigorous activity. Every period, Miiya determines the current state and will aggregate the total activity time.
  • Superhero interactivity: the more exercise the kids get, the quicker their Miiya will become a superhero.
  • After you achieve Superhero status, quests become available, to further motivate children.
  • There is a complementary Smartphone app for parents to see how much exercise their kids are getting.
  • Miiya’s algorithm detects the kind of activity the child is doing and aggregates the time for each type of activity each day. The smart watch uses a 9¬axis IMU to assess bodily movement, filtering frequencies generated by the human body. When the child is active, Miiya will analyze the intensity level of the signal to determine if current physical activity is low, moderate or intense.
  • To reinforce the relationship between parents and children, the SmartWatch features dynamic safety and GPS tags.
  • With Dynamic Safety, just determine a safety zone on the Smartphone app, you will be warned if your child goes too far away. Don’t worry if you forget to change the limits. Dynamic Safety is able to adapt to changing conditions in any environment.
  • With the tag feature, kids could remember specific moments and share it with their parents. Geo-localization technologies are not use to track children, but kids use them to remember important moments. Kids are completely conscious and active in the process.

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Designer: Frédéric Bruneau & Nicolas Bruneau [ Buy Here ]