YD & red dot award: design concept Present the One Hour Free Registration Window

UPDATE 2: The Promo Code Expires on April 27th 23:59 SGT (Singapore Time), be sure to use it before that!

UPDATE: The promo is now over. Many thanks to all of you for participating, we have 2,461 registrations at the end of one hour!

The Golden Hour is back again! The one-hour window of opportunity is finally here for you to make the most of. As you know, a red dot award is a very prestigious feather in any designer’s cap. And what we have here is the chance to get a complete fee waiver for pre-judging entries only. To know more, hit the jump.

Here is what you need to do to avail a complete fee waiver for pre-judging. (Approx cost: USD$40-$80). Please READ all the instructions carefully before proceeding.

  • Go to this link, fill in the form carefully and provide a valid email address
  • You will instantly receive an email with the
  • Promotion Code that is for one time use only
  • The email will also explain How To Use The Code
  • The code can be used IMMEDIATELY and will EXPIRE on 27th April, 23:59 SGT (Singapore Time) (Check your timezone)
  • Each person may request for 1 code only
  • The code is non-transferable, and not for resale
  • The code waives the submission fee of the red dot award: design concept 2012, all other fees apply
  • Please read the awards terms and conditions here
  • You can SUBMIT YOUR PROJECT as soon as you get the Promo Code
  • After 9:00 a.m. PST, this promo page and link will expire