Best of Yanko Design – 2007

Happy New Year – I hope that you’re having a good one. I’ve got a day of shopping planned (Winter Sale starts today in Japan) – but wanted to leave something here on the blog for those of you with a little more time on your hands.

I thought I’d take this opportunity to reflect back on the year. This post contains some highlights for this blog and the top 10 design from the last 12 months of archives.

So grab a cup of coffee, sit back and let’s take a look back on a year of Yanko Design.

Review at Yanko Design
The year 2007 was a massive year. Our visitor count nearly tripled from last year, but more importantly, as a result, we were able to have a more substantial impact for the design community. We are fortunate enough to land some of you jobs and contracts with design firms, set up radio interviews, introduce manufactures and connecting some with journalists. On a personal note I met and got to know a lot of great new designers and couldn’t be more grateful.

Highlights: revamped providing readers with a freshened look as well as additional features including RSS feeds, Store, Timeless Designs, ect in June 2007.
Long Tran joins Yanko Design as Editor-in-Chief in June 2007.
Ansley Berrones as Sr Associate Editor in November 2007.
Technorati Rank of 215 out of 75 million+ blogs on December 31, 2007. This was the result of all you millions of readers who supported Yanko Design in 2007! Thank you for your suggestions, patience, encouragement and support!

Top 10 Designs:
Picking the best design posts for the year is virtually impossible – so is picking favorite ones. Instead of listing them by most commented upon and other notable, the top 10 was determined based on purely permalinks hits. So without further ado here it is!

10) Lobster the multimedia device by Danilo Mangini. Permalink Hits: 29488

9) Volkswagen Viseo by Marc Kirsch. Permalink Hits: 30555

8 Pear-shaped Light by Nick Foley. Permalink Hits: 33845

7) iRing by Victor Soto. Permalink Hits: 36984

6) Lucifer – Auto Match Igniter by Clement Elot. Permalink Hits: 41854

5) Legos Salt/Pepper Shaker by Joel Hesselgren. Permalink Hits: 42741

4) Tanning Benefits by Yu-Chiao Wang. Permalink Hits: 53844

3) Vaio Zoom by Eno Setiawan. Permalink Hits: 59185

2) Message Toaster by Sasha Tseng. Permalink Hits: 85559

1) Dual Music Player by Yong-Seong Kim. Permalink Hits: 128620