Mother of a Weekend

For many of us in the creative fields, whether it be design, music, art, accounting, film or even dressing up like Pokémon for some brat’s birthday party, we have a person to thank for the inspiration and never-say-die attitude we sometimes take for granted. For those lucky enough to have or had a good relationship with our mothers, we here at Yanko Design wish you and yours a Happy Mother’s Day. If it wasn’t for our mother’s love and support, we would probably be living in a much duller world and might not have ever dreamed that big dream or be reaching for a better life and shaping a better world.

As a public service to our loyal readers, we give you fair warning:

Mother’s Day is this Sunday! So to help remind you of this totally-NOT-cool day to forget, we present this inspiring mixed media video by Parisian artist Yves Geleyn and New York indie duo The Bird and The Bee. They teamed up with Zune Arts film to bring you “Mother Like No Other.” A tale of just how far a beaver will go to share the perfect gift with mom. Watch it, get all sentimental and weepy and then immediately call your mother!!!