2008 IMM Cologne Coverage Part 2

With more than 1,300 exhibitors from around 60 countries, imm cologne opened the doors of the global furnishings and design market and gave the 2008 furniture year a strong start. Top exhibitors, international design stars and creative newcomers provided settings that showcased the interiors of tomorrow.

Pictures: Designws


  • stephen says:

    What’s the deal with that table w/ two legs?

  • peterkun says:

    it has four ‘legs”, two of them appear to be round weights on string/cable. Not too structurally sound, but cool non the less. I like the Lamps at the bottom a lot…

  • Sam Ng says:

    i think the two-legs table will work if the balls are extremely heavy

  • G says:

    It does not make any sense. Even though the balls are really really heavy, if any force applied to one of those ends without a leg, still it will tumble!

    • Sentry says:

      Not necessarily, if each ball is heavy enough and the wire is tight enough as well as perfectly parallel to one another, any force applied to one of the legless corners could be countered by the wieght holding down on the other legless corner.. obviously you can’t sit on the corner but reasonably it could work…

  • Andre says:

    of course it will work, if both strings or wire is of the same length and the balls are the same weight, the force pulling on both ends down are equal, no space for any tipping.

  • Tim Kosiw says:


  • will says:

    its cool actually.

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