Gucci LED Watch

Hey, wanna get in on all that flexible LED goodness going around these days, but hesitant because you’re fashion conscience? How about a Gucci bracelet watch with a sliding door revealing a glass LED display? Just a concept for now but you never know. . . someday.

Designer: Nuno Oliveira


  • Brian says:

    Are watches even relevant any more? I remember reading a study that showed more people use their cellphones and iPods for time pieces than watches these days.

    • drish says:

      its funny…im a student and last year I designed a very-very same bracelet. the only difference is that my version is able to show notes, barcodes, etc…or can be used as an entry card, or ID.

    • O P says:

      Watches are very rarely used as time pieces any more. They are mostly used as a dipiction of how much money you have.

    • Morgan says:

      Watches nowadays are for the look, not for the time.

    • Morgan says:

      Watches nowadays are for the look, not for the time.

  • shane says:

    i think philippe starck came to same conclusion years ago and rationalized a watch as more of a bracelet than a functional timepiece. watches are personal items that people can become very attached to, whether you can do without them or not.

  • Is very cool! I want this watch!

  • Mike.J says:

    I don’t think it’s a LED screen, may be OLED can realize it in the foreseeable future.

  • Josué Gomes d says:

    Quanto custa? Como Pedir?

  • Josué Gomes de Carvalho says:

    Quanto custa? Como Pedir?

  • Gucci says:

    Where can I get it? and How much is it?

  • joe says:

    I think that if you wear it on top of a long sleve shirt of different colors every day its pretty cool. However if you dont wear a long sleve shirt then you would be looking at your hairy hand while looking at the watch I dont know

  • Sarah says:

    too tech-y looking for gucci…maybe add some GG emblems on it, like their pre-existing watches?

  • laotou says:

    Do you know where i´ll buy this product please tell me web where i can buy it send this web on my e mail [email protected]

  • lam says:

    waw~it’s soooooooooo nice!!
    i wanna buy it….

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