Roxon Flex multitool is customizable EDC that can be user-defined with needed attachments

We’ve seen modular furniture, tiny homes and even phones but the idea of a modular multitool is something new. This is the Roxon Flex multitool that overshadows every other EDC out there with its unique feature of being completely customizable.

Yes, you can add 10 tools of your own choice to the base EDC unit and make the swap again whenever required. This utilitarian feature gives you the freedom to carry only the required tools without any extra weight or occupying unnecessary space since you don’t have to keep multiple EDCs.

Designer: Roxon

Flex made out of stainless steel has a body frame divided into two sections, connected by a fold-out set of steel pliers. Each of the arm sections can house five compatible individual tools. If you are sure what tools you’ll need on a short adventure or camping trip, you can also choose less than 10 tools to keep the slots empty. These slots can be filled with plastic spacers for aesthetics and support for other tools. It is worth mentioning that some advanced tools do take up more than one slot, so you can mix and match depending on the needs. Even better, the makers provide the open-source STEP files so that nerdy users can 3D print their custom tools and add them to the Flex.

The multitool is designed in a way to lock in place when not used and the independent tools can also be locked in place when being used for better precision. Roxon is currently offering more than 30 tools including various blades, screwdrivers, wrenches and files. There are useful tools like a bottle opener, scissors, ruler, awl, fish scaler, magnetic bit driver and a wire stripper too. The EDC body is priced at $40 and each of the tools can cost anywhere between $3 to $8 each. So, the Flex will cost any normal user around $100 and advanced users around $150 depending on the chosen set of tools.