Hidden Dialysis

The Purifier mobile peritoneal dialysis system aims to give patients a carefree approach to managing the illness which is often a time-consuming process and hindrance to everyday life. The flexible design is positioned on the user to mimic an operating kidney while the automated peristaltic pump system transports the dialysate through the body, eliminating the need for a heavy, cumbersome infusion stand. Discrete and comfortable, it allows patients to move freely with little thought to the device.

Designer: Caroline Küchler


  • Sarah Johnson says:

    Absolutely brilliant!!!! The designer is extraordinary!!!

  • Belinda says:

    Is this available now? Or is it a Proto type?

    My husband will be having his peritoneal line put in next week and this would be great instead of hooking up to a machine for 5 to 8 hours a night.

  • reinhard says:

    is this method different to CAPD?

  • paul stratton says:

    Awesome, are yu in human testing stage ?, if so where do I sign up

  • Shpend says:

    very glad for this device, or who knows of the show when the device goes on sale???

  • Js says:

    I want this, how can I get it?

  • sooki says:

    i like to know also how can i get this device? let me know please if anyone know where and how?

  • erika lopez says:

    puede darme el precio del purificador y si le sirve a mi papa ya que le acaban de realizar la operación para la diálisis peritoneal y lo queremos adquirir en zitacuaro michoacan

  • antonietta angelucci says:

    I would like to know if this device(Hidden Dialysis) is sold in Canada and how can I get one.As well is there a price. Thanks

  • Barb says:

    Is it availbe yet in Canada

  • adriana galicia says:

    I am interested in purchasing purifier dialysis, I hope your answer in the mail that attach you, I need it urgently, thanks!!

  • Sujoy Kundu says:

    I am interested, pl send me details of the prodect and price.

  • luis guevara says:

    hi…how can I get one???…please help me!!!

  • Wan Masniza says:

    I would like to know if this device(Hidden Dialysis) is sold in Malaysia and how can I get one. As well is there a price. Thanks

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