Easy Writing For The Disabled

You may not put much thought into it but it takes a symphony of small muscles in your hand to operate a pen/pencil. For some people this is beyond their ability so designer Oskar Daniel set out to create a pen the Easy Writer.

A pen or graphite tip is inserted into a small hourglass shaped holder which provides all the support. The rubberized knob makes it easy to grip with your palm to move the pen. Effort is powered by the arm instead of the hand. It may not be the best solution since typing would be easier but there’s something personal about seeing your own writing.

Designer: Oskar Daniel


  • Christine says:

    Wouldn’t using the whole arm and entire palm of the hand to write cause a larger scaled font of writing? It would need a lot of getting used to and careful technique with tiny tiny movements to be able to write in regular sized letters.

  • jin woo han says:

    I think designer is the only person who make an invention like this one. Great Idea~!

  • Nancy Odell says:

    Hey!…Man i love reading your blog, interesting posts ! it was a great Monday .

  • Peter S says:

    Where can I buy one of these? Is there a web site? Please let me know how to get my hands on one. Thank you !

    • Oskar Daniel says:

      Unfortunately its just a concept, not a finished a product…

      • Brad says:

        My wife (32 this weekend) has MS and lost her ability to write anything less than 2-3 lines tall. This would be interesting to try out. I would love to see this go beyond a concept.

  • Peter S says:

    You need to test this concept out in hospitals where lots of people on ventilators and can not speak are often given a pad and a pensil or pen and try to write. There writing is very difficult and next to impossible to read because there hands often have intra venous attachments and are also very swollen and there muscles are weak. Your concept might make things a lot easier and I would suggest you try it out in an intensive care unit somewhere. Ask the nurses there to try it out.

  • Handicap says:

    Love this design but I have to agree that it needs to be tested in a real life setting. How much pressure is needed to force the writing instrument onto the paper?

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