A Store with an Urban Environment

Americana is a flagship ship store designed with the Urban Environment in mind. All objects such as the mannequins, changing rooms all the way down to the shopping bags have been designed with an urban feel. “Benches” such as the ones that skaters use as ramps are located throughout the store. This style allows for easy movement of all elements located within.

Designer: Wolfgang Döhring


  • NikitON says:

    As for me, i would rather to feel cosy when i do my shoping.Beatiful picture but it is like too cold and industrial… imho

  • T says:

    Nah, i don’t agree with the comment below, I think its such an awesome design, I’d go into the shop just for vibe of the interior!

  • Brennan says:

    I personally love it. I wish it was my house.

    However, as above stated, customers don’t always like the cold, unfeeling, industrial styles. This, of course, leads to poorer sales.

    I love the design, I don’t think the customers will.

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