A Better Mosquito Net

The Color Guard mosquito bed net is the first bed net that has a double-layered sheath preventing mosquitos from biting through the net. Also, each net is dyed a custom color by its owner with a colored insecticide that impregnates the fibers. It’s safe to humans and non toxic to all animals except those pesky insects.

Designer: Eric Burns


  • Zach says:

    This looks like a great little product. I’m sure something like this isn’t too expensive either

  • Cristina says:

    if i’m out in the wilderness, i’d have to find many tree branches to hang this on to. i see a lot of clip-like things holding it up.

  • AG says:

    Precisely Christina.

    A frame or structure would be much more suitable here. 6 clips in separate directions? Mosquitoes generally live in low swamp lands. Having that amount of trees in 6 directions, I would imagine a tent with minor mosquito protection would suffice, as the climate with that high density of trees is not top conditions for mosquitoes.

  • AG says:

    Agreed. No good with 6 points. If you have 6 points to attach (trees), there won’t be that many mosquitoes.

  • TheBrat says:

    I am thinking this would have better applications as a home product rather than something used to “camp” with. I can see this being of great use in countries where mosquitoes are very literally little messengers of death. It would work very well being hung from the ceiling resting on a bed, or platform.

  • sharon says:

    yes, we can supply folded mosquito nets, with light brackets. my email:[email protected]

  • Alicia says:

    Do you actually sell these? Do you ship abroad? I’m in Bangladesh – as yes, here, mosquito are messengers of death. I can’t get a treated net here very easily, and definitely not as cool and colorful!

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