A Little Dab Will Do Ya

Salt is a spice that we use daily in preparing our meals. It adds flavor to very bland foods. However, we tend to overdo it on the salt, which can cause bad problems for our bodies. Kakujio was designed to eliminate placing too much salt on our foods. It comes pre-measured at 2.5 cc’s each. With that, there will be no more over salting of foods and the food will come out perfect each time we prepare it.

Designer: Yasuhito Hirose & Ryohei Yoshiyuki


  • Christine says:

    Well, what if you need more than the given block, what if you need half or a quarter or two-thirds more of a block?

  • ErmNo says:

    Stupid. This is clearly made by someone who doesn’t know how to cook.

  • Colin says:

    Its called buying a measuring spoon.

  • これ says:


  • これ says:


  • Ian says:

    You can get similar cubed foods like this, but with premeasured amounts of, say, Rosemary or cayenne pepper.

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