Squishy Lights

Medulla in latin means bone marrow or by abstract – the soft inner part of something. The Medulla Lamp sorta takes on that definition as a tripod lamp filled with a fluidic technogel. The legs are flexible enabling multiple configurations. Arrange it with others to form a pattern or use attachments like hooks to hang onto a wall. The illumination comes from two circular LEDs, one diffuses into the technogel, the other is omni-directional. It’s also waterproof so add this to your pool buddy collection.

Designers: Matteo Barbaresi, Giovanna Zega, Silvia Fasoli & Marco Bortolozzo


  • Carl says:

    unbreakable eh? i would like to test that one out. why not say, ‘damage resistant’ and save yourself alot of money.!

    • Jazhara7 says:

      You’re right. But that would not fit into the space that “unbreakable” fits in without reducing the font size, or wrapping it to two lines. The design must be kept constant! 😛

      – 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

    • confucius says:

      I bet I could break it!

  • Foci says:

    I agree with Carl. End-users and shippers can break anything. By using the word unbreakable you are building the expectation level beyond what can be delivered. This is dangerous. Much more dangerous than breaking the 2D design format. Think about using a different word before this is concept is formally presented.

    Is this designed for interior use or an exterior public space? The scale is unclear to me from the images.

  • teomao says:

    From one leg to another is 30 cm. Unbreakable because this lamp is in fact made in technogel and resist to shoks. it has also 68 IP so it can be sunk in the water.

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