Twist Together Lamp Is Hackerish

The Twist Together Lamp encourages you to design your own lamp. Individual blocks connect together and illuminate with a simple twist. Many creations are possible from a single set of 4 blocks, but you can also connect multiple sets together (up to 6 on a single power supply) expanding your options indefinitely.

Aside from the interactivity, the lamp(s) has an enticing glow adding a warm, modern ambience to any room. It’s energy efficient too – LEDs provide a safe, low-voltage and long lasting light source while consuming less power than a standard night light.

And for once, this isn’t just a concept sitting in some designer’s work room. You can order them now for $109 less shipping. Still not convinced? Check out this video.

Designer: Glide Studio [ Buy it Here – Available for $100 at the YD Store ]