Flower Power Fun From A Vase

Reborn is a vase concept designed to see a bouquet of flowers thru life and death. As time ticks away the vase turns inverting the bouquet into the perfect drying position. When it’s thoroughly dry, the bouquet completes its journey as the vase brings it a full 360º around back to its original position. 

Designer: Chan-Hee Park


  • SlimShady says:

    This would be perfect at cemeteries and mausoleums.
    Then you only have to visit Grandpa annually to change the flowers instead of bi-annually. 🙂

  • leonhill says:

    Hey,dude it’s 180 rotating rather than 360.

  • Christine says:

    Flowers don’t dry particularly in four days. Depending on the type of flower, the temperature and moisture of the atmosphere, some flowers take variable times to dry.

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