Bio Plus Chair – 100% Bio-composite by Michael Strom & Lasse Svensson

Bio Plus has a global environmental potential and may thus lead to a small improvement of life for many people around the world. This chair is a frontier among environmental furniture, demonstrating to the public and in particular to the furniture industry, that it is possible and even economically beneficial to adopt new bio-based materials. The use of a biologically derived plastic made from annually renewable crops makes the chair potentially CO2 neutral, and even biodegradable. This means that the chair will vanish on its own if subjected to the right microbial conditions. This design presents people with an alternative to regular design furniture made from forest wood, toxic glue and petroleum-based plastics. The chair therefore presents a solution to the many problems caused by the increase in product demands, such as the ever growing waste production and even global warming.

Designer: Michael Strom & Lasse Svensson