A Flower To Test The Waters

A nice warm bath is soothing to the soul. It helps to un-wind after a long stressful day and to just relax and forget about everything for a time. The flower plug was designed to allow the user to know when the bath water was just the right temperature by changing color from a light pink to a beautiful deep purple color. Once the flower is purple, it is safe to enter the water without the fear of it being too hot. The small flower also adds to the ambience of the relaxation experience of the tub bath.

Designer: Mi-Soo Jung


  • alxa says:


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  • Avin says:

    yes nice idea… but… i wouldn’t want something to be in the middle of my most private and sensitive area when im stark naked in the tup…..

    the string will get in the way and pose as a danger especially to elderly & kids as they might get tangled in the string and drown or trip on it on the way out and fall……

    • kim says:

      how absurd…it’s near the drain…nowhere near your private parts unless you are straddling the tap (and then you’d have bigger problems than he flower…) Elderly and kids don’t step on the drain to get out of the tub. Though it could be a strangling or coking hazard to a toddler, a child young enough for that should not be unsupervised in the tub anyway….. ~kim~

  • This idea is impressive.

  • Rhea says:

    Some people must bathe very oddly if they have the privates around the drain….love the idea is gorgeous and i’d def buy it.

  • Shippo says:

    I want to buy this for my home so much!

  • Shippo says:

    I want to buy this for my home so much!

  • SJS says:

    I would buy this for myself and for others. Please make it!

  • Mandy says:

    I love this idea! I very much want to buy one of these!

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