The VAND will purify your shower-water of hard chemicals as you’re bathing

Assuming the avatar of a halo around your shower-head, the VAND does something simple yet necessary for your body. It purifies the water that you bathe with, protecting the skin from the harshness of mineralized hard water that’s filled with chemicals that dry out the skin, give you irritability, and prevent your soaps and shampoos from working effectively. Vand purifies your shower-water of bad minerals and introduces good minerals in, making your skin and scalp healthier in the longer run.

Most people don’t give their shower water a second thought. If it’s clear, it’s clean, right? Well not necessarily. Water can be hard or soft, impure or pure, depending on where you live. It could have chemicals in it that make it unfit for consumption, or even for bathing with. VAND works like an active filtration system, sitting right between the water outlet and the shower head. Its universal design allows it to fit between most showers rather seamlessly, screwing into place securely. While showering, the water passes through VAND’s dual filtration system embedded within its looped design. One filtration cartridge removes harmful items from the water like dirt, rust, odor, chlorine, and microorganisms, while the other enriches it with good vitamins and minerals that hydrate your skin and cleanse your scalp. The VAND works actively, purifying the water as it passes through the system in just mere seconds.

What really sets VAND apart, aside from its advanced filtration system, is its design. With a matte black, speckled design and a smooth looped shape, the VAND truly looks like a premium bath accessory, opting for something that seems more like a design-conscious product and less like a piece of plumbing. The looped enclosure holds two easily accessible filtration units (color coded for convenience). The VAND comes with a subscription to help you replace the cartridges when they need changing.

Ultimately, the VAND just makes showering more effective. Made to clean the water you clean yourself with, VAND is a perfect solution for places with hard, mineralized, or contaminated ground water. Water that passes through VAND’s dual filtration system is easier on the skin and scalp, making your hair look healthy and feel softer, while relieving your skin of outbreaks, reactions, and causing eczema relief. The soft water even allows shampoos and conditioners to work much more effectively, guarding your scalp from flakiness and itchiness, while protecting your curly, straightened, or colored hair. We don’t really pay much attention to the quality of the water we bathe with. The VAND shower-water purifier makes sure that we never need to…

Designers: Stok Labs & Miio Studio


The supply of good quality water to our bathrooms is necessary to maintain a healthy living condition. Except that today, the quality of the water delivered to our taps and its content varies greatly from one city to another, and according to the data, even from one neighborhood to another.


VAND is a double-module water purification system. It therefore operates in two stages:
The subtractive module purifies your water and all the polluting particles it contains; harmful minerals, chemicals, plastic particles, bacteria, viruses, etc. This purified water passes directly into the second additive module which diffuses the vitamins and minerals into it.


“Get ready to rediscover the shower experience!”
VAND was designed to work seamlessly with your existing shower setup. Thoughtful DIY design means no plumber (or landlord permission) required for quick installation and easy removal.


“Open and re-lock it in just 3 seconds.”
Easily open the VAND to replace used filter and vitamin cartridges before inserting new ones inside. All this without any plumber or tools.


“When should you replace the cartridges of filter and vitamins?”
The outer surface of the VAND is covered with a layer of thermochromic paint, which allows the product to become transparent once the warm water circulates inside.