A petite Addition to Your Bath

We all have at one time or another experienced the close living space of a flat or apartment. The space felt so crowded that you never felt that you could sit and relax and enjoy your space. The Ladybird bath and vanity set was created with lack of space in mind. On the top, you have a vanity with a built in sink yet when you lift the lid of the sink, the Ladybird opens up to a place where you can relax and find comfort while you bathe. Although smaller in size than the typical Western style baths, the Ladybird bath allows you the relaxation needed with less space and less water. A retractable push step is readily available to use when entering and exiting the bath. Available in red, black and white, the Ladybird bath and vanity is the answer to a much needed peace in a busy world.

Designer: Coco Reynolds