Shooting Dice

I suck at rolling dice. If the game requires it, I know I’ll come in last. It’s like some celestial power is inhibiting any positive chance I have in what’s supposed to be a random result. Although maybe it’s because I’m a person of the computer age and numeric dice are just so yesterday to me. That’s where Jaehyung Hong’s keyboard dice come in.

Each die is made up of keys from discarded keyboards. Slap on some simple rules and BAM, you’ve got yourself a game. So the next time you come across a group of people shootin’ dice in an alley, drop the keyboard dice and show ’em how it should be done in 2007.

Game rules

‘+’ and numeral = Go ahead as numeral
‘-’ and numeral = Go back as numeral
‘End’ and numeral = No chance to move
‘Home’ and numeral = Do all over again
‘PgUp’ and numeral = Throw the dice two times and go ahead as plus numeral
‘PgDn’ and numeral = Throw the dice two times and go back as plus numeral

Designer: Jaehyung Hong


  • Chris James says:

    Sweet. So you think I could a get a set of dungeons and dragon dice in a style like that?

  • Steve Jones says:

    Don’t quite know why you don’t just use the 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 on a keyboard.

  • Ghost Rider says:

    Maybe you could just se some regular dice. They cost like a dollar and have been proven by hundreds of years of use to work.

    This idea is like saying take your refridgerator door off, use a skill saw to cut two wheels out of it, and then mount the wheels to a couch and then pretend you have a new idea for a bicycle.

  • Cool interface … THanks for the post 🙂

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