Ping Pong From A Doorway

Doors can be fun. No seriously they really can. The Ping Pong Door functions just like any ordinary door except there’s an inner panel that flips down to make a ping pong table. Pop the little plastic net on and get your paddles ready. The only requirements are the adjacent rooms have enough room for you to play in. The only downside is one side of the door looks normal while the other is bright green. Try fitting that into your home decor.

For the handy and crafty, you could probably build this but for the rest of us, the Ping Pong Door goes on sale early next year.

Designer: Tobias Franzel


  • Shane says:

    why not show the table closed?

  • shane says:

    a seriously funky idea. I want one for every room in my house so i can host a tournament. getting a beer could be a problem though if every door has one. 😛

  • Nickolas Titkov says:

    Ping-pong door is the idea of two designers from Germany: foregoing Tobias Fränzel and Martin Lukasczyk. This door was shown on Designboom competition «A door to Paradise» (honorable mention). April, 2005.

    • Yanko Design says:

      I’m surprised Tobias didn’t mention anything about this on his e-mail to me. Boy you sure do know alot.

      • Nickolas Titkov says:

        Very interesting! Please ask Tobias and let us know who is really the author ow this nice idea! If You want I can give a link where I found this info.

    • Tobias says:

      tobias fraenzel is the designer, martin lukascyk the one who did the illustration for the competition.

  • Viktor says:

    I love the idea, but where is the handle?

    • bob says:

      Look at the first picture of the lady in the red and white dress, her right wrist seems to be covering a post that does not correspond in relation to the net, I’m suspecting that’s the handle.

  • P3nnst8r says:

    This would be amazing for pong of the beer variety. Sure beats taking the door off the hinges every time!

  • James-42 says:

    That is one of the most clever designs I have ever seen.

  • ThePounder says:

    The door’s awesome, even having one side painted bright green… but you could change that easily enough.

  • sara_sls says:

    si, la necesito, ni sikiera me gusta el pin pon pero solo la idea de poder jugar cuando quiera ya la hace apetecible. falta saber el precio..

  • metro says:

    The real problem is how to fix it horizontally balanced without any unstable potential.
    Anyway, good for housesport.

  • Emerson says:

    Why have one side green? Just have it white and have darker markers for the playing space. No reason to have an ugly green door, but you could still play table tennis on it!

  • Great idea! Though it would be better to not to replace the current door but to cut out a rectangle in the thin part of most apartment building doors. This way not the whole door tilts but just its inner part. Solves the issue with the door handle as well since it’s intact. With a bit of hardware from Home Depot or alike this could be made easily.

    If anyone in NYC wanting to do this in his apartment, let me know I can make this happen, FREE. (provided you pay for the hardware).

  • Anton says:

    Syper idea. thanks

  • lena says:

    Syper designe!!

  • Tolle Idee. So wird Tischtennis auch in der 2-3 Zimmer Wohnung möglich. Müssen wir ins Programm aufnehmen.

  • Tolle Idee. So wird Tischtennis auch in der 2-3 Zimmer Wohnung mglich. Mssen wir ins Programm aufnehmen.

  • Wow that's just amazing! love it!

  • Kinoblok says:

    thanks. ok. 🙂

  • Slim says:

    thanks for such a nice designs

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