Interactive LEGOS

LEGOS have come a long way from the simple building blocks I remember from my childhood. Today they can become a total engineering feat which is why I gave up on them. Designer Jin Woo Han wants to bring people back and he believes autonomous interactivity could be the next big thing.

His idea? Electric LEGOS. You will still buy LEGOS in kits but this time, you’re not bound by what you see on the box. The main circuit board looks like an ordinary LEGO piece but each notch conducts electricity. By connecting and arranging LEGO pieces on the board, your creation comes to life – a living diorama.

He uses the Simpsons as an example. Place Marge and Homer on the board and they’ll talk to each other. Throw Bart into the mix and the conversation totally changes. Place a TV in the setting and the characters will comment on what’s showing. The possibilities are endless.

Designer: Jin Woo Han