Diamond Cut Lighting

Diamond cuts evoke a sense of stillness and luxury so why limit them to stones? The Diamond Lamps by Riccardo Giovanetti brings an air of refinement with wall and ceiling lights shaped like giant diamonds. The material is actually made of layered blown glass at varying levels of opaqueness for dazzling illumination. If it’s a little too flashy for your house, you can always try to wear it on your ring finger.

Designer: Riccardo Giovanetti [ Manufacturer: Murano Due ]


  • paj says:

    The idea is simple and good.

    I don’t like the material. Paper might be better.

    mfg paj

  • Akihiro says:

    This lamp looks really elegant. A great Italian taste.


  • Young Hwan Kim says:

    I fancy it~
    It touchs my taste as I wanna get this.

  • TH says:

    Somehow, it looks cheap and clumsy to me. I don’t get that air of refinement at all. These look like something a young and idealistic city council architect with a shoestring budget might have decided to use in the minor refurb of the waiting room of Luton bus station in the early 80’s.

  • Michelle says:

    Well balanced shape, monocolour but with a deep look, this lamp is already in my heart. Where I can buy it in Manchester??


  • Simple but wonderful idea. I probably recommend this to my friends. I love it.

  • Gustavo Miranda says:

    Looks good, this kind of a lamp was very common in the 60’s to 80’s in Brazil, it was made with opaline glass in thousands of shapes, everything usin the same kind of base to fix it in the seiling. Very easy to find it in many houses or old buildings. Very nostalgic to me! I loved it.

  • Now I can replace my lights with this one.

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