Seniors Hate Dialing, Apparently

My grandmother can’t be bothered with typing in a 9 digit number to call me. In fact she usually asks someone else to dial the number if it’s not already on speed dial. Unfortunately even speed dial isn’t enough for grammy. She wants it easier. The T-Phone is perfect for her.

So you have a phone with a standard numeric keypad and one large call button underneath. You get a bunch of RFID tagged badges to program someone’s number and even insert their picture. When grammy wants to call someone, all she has to do is place the badge on the call button and press it. The phone reads the RFID information in the badge and dials the number.

It’s just a concept for now so until then, grammy will have to live with T-Mobile’s Fav 5. That’s as easy as it gets.

Designer: Jeong-Kyun Nam