Seniors Hate Dialing, Apparently

My grandmother can’t be bothered with typing in a 9 digit number to call me. In fact she usually asks someone else to dial the number if it’s not already on speed dial. Unfortunately even speed dial isn’t enough for grammy. She wants it easier. The T-Phone is perfect for her.

So you have a phone with a standard numeric keypad and one large call button underneath. You get a bunch of RFID tagged badges to program someone’s number and even insert their picture. When grammy wants to call someone, all she has to do is place the badge on the call button and press it. The phone reads the RFID information in the badge and dials the number.

It’s just a concept for now so until then, grammy will have to live with T-Mobile’s Fav 5. That’s as easy as it gets.

Designer: Jeong-Kyun Nam


  • redHONG says:


  • Jeong kyun-Nam says:

    Thanks for your comments.
    I was so surprised and happy for your interest.

    I want know anything you think.

    If you have any question or suggestion for T-Phone,
    don’t hesitate.

    I will reply as soon as possible.

    Oh… I can read only english.

    If you write in english, I will really appreciate .

    Thank you . ^ ^

  • cati says:

    Nice concept useful for everyone. Tangible systems for controlling digital data make immediate sense. Physicality: the return to physical devices, where we control things by physical body movement, by turning, moving, and manipulating appropriate mechanical devices (Norman)

  • DrtyBlvd says:

    Interesting – almost as cool as your site – I like the idea of giving away RFIDs’ as business cards – business cards are useless and a pain – they NEED to develop.

    Also – why not just have a front to the phone that allows (Connect 4style) the disks to be stored above the keypad (which isn’t going to be used anyway) and simply pressed to dial the individual? …

  • CLARA JONES says:

    Just what I need, but can I afford it ?

  • CLARA JONES says:

    Just what I need , but can I afford it.

  • Jeong kyun-Nam says:

    to DrtyBlvd//

    Thank you for comment

    I agree for development of business card.

    Frankly speaking, I used to think about possibility of business card.

    But as your comment, it is uncomfortable and useless until now.


    I can’t understand your second commnet perfectly.

    But I want my grandmother feel operating something.

    She want to make a call someone.

    On the other hand, She want to delete someone’s tag.

    So, She must do anything she wants. – so I used dial number keypa dinstead of picture.

    Tell me anything you want. PLZ. 🙂

  • Jeong kyun-Nam says:


    You can.

    But your grandmother will want more than you. 🙂

  • FRed says:

    please can you tell me where can i buy a sample? thnaks

  • FRed's Mom says:

    I Don't need the T Phone, Don't worry FRed . I can see diar button.

  • FRed's Mom says:

    I Don’t need the T Phone, Don’t worry FRed . I can see diar button.

  • Toby Robinson says:

    Hi Jeong-Kyun Nam,

    I am involved with a company that are specialists in accessible mobile phones.

    I would like very much to speak with you.

    Can you email me at [email protected] so we can talk about your product.

    Kind Regards


  • Andrew says:

    Hi Jeong-Kyun Nam,

    I am based in Australia and wondered if you could email me in regards to your T-Phone. I work with large groups of people this could be very beneficial to.

    My email address is [email protected]

    Thanks, Andrew

  • vincent says:

    A couple design ideas.

    1. The disks may be hard to hold for someone with joint problems. Many older people have difficulty with fine motor skills required to pick up something even as simple as a disk.

    I recommend taking note of coins, and adding ridges to the edges of the RFID badges. This is to help keep the badges from slipping out of their fingers and falling to the ground.

    Maybe add a fabric tab like a short lanyard, to help in gripping the disk.

    2. Dropping and loosing disks can spell trouble for those who don’t have the flexibility to look under the fridge, desk, or other nooks and crannies.
    These disks can be lost, and it can be difficult for a person who needs to use this kind of a phone to get a replacement.

    If the disks can be attached to the phone by a cord, that would solve the problem of both lost disks and difficulty in handling the disks.

  • xXblahXx says:


  • Dave says:

    Bad solution to a real problem.

    Why not just use images of people for dialing? These disks are hard to handle for people with bad eyesight and dexterity and they GET LOST.

    I’m not sure if you could have made this any less usable.

  • U:Nee says:

    Hi Hur-Youn-Hui
    I’m from KOREA
    very good!

  • Alexis H. says:

    The phone that is featured in this page looks really easy to manipulate. However, the old folks should not be deprived with the things that they need from a cell phone. I don’t mean camera and web browser, I’m just saying that they are still capable to follow simple functionalities so they can also enjoy composing and receiving text messages, listening to their favorite tunes or talk shows when walking outside the house, and other basic features. The old folks want an easy phone, but this does not mean that they should be given a cell phone that is only limited to make calls.

    I believe that one of the phones for seniors that they will truly enjoy is the Just5 phone. This phone is very easy to use, but this does not limit or insult the elderly. With this, they can enjoy several basic features, which are all relevant and entertaining. This phone is very much reliable in times of emergency as well.

  • Dannielle says:

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