Wearable Mobile Device For Enhanced Chatting

A new wearable device that anyone can communicate with that is easier and lighter in mobile circumstances corresponding to the 3.5G, 4G communication standard. Human hand is the most basic communication method. For easier and simpler controls, it uses the instinctive input method “finger joint”. Excluding the thumb, each finger joint makes up twelve buttons, with “the knuckle button”, using the cell phone’s 3X4 keypad, likely being the most popular input method.

Designer: Sunman Kwon


  • LL Wil says:

    This is so-o-o-o amazing. I feel like I am seeing something out of a futuristic novel.

  • Gatete Ben says:

    I think that is wonderful how some one can think the same thing i thought about some months ago i thought that it would be an advantae if some one would make a finger or in body gaget that would help us humans to keep in touch with others.I think that the Finger touching wearable mobile should be given the award of the year for the advanced mobile device.

  • Conqueror Conq says:

    that is fantastic item. this item make me deliberately making sb’s job hard

  • Armand Penn says:

    Well, basically this is nothing new. Check this http://marisil.com/ web site. These guys have also a paten on their invention and they are having some cool videos. They also seem to work on some open source project to allow implementation for various hardwares. Augmented Reality here we come

    • Renato Murakami says:

      It’s not the exact same thing as Marisil, though it does uses similar concepts. Marisil uses Augmented reality, so it needs a display and cam to work. This concept, if I understood it right, won’t use Augmented Reality. The ideia is more similar that laser keyboard one, or something like that. Anyways, looks good. If you can fit the cellphone on that strap only, it’d be really great!

      • Armand Penn says:

        Hmm, I disagree with you. Augmented Reality doesn’t need a display in the way you talk. There are projective displays in AR as well and there is also the usage of lasers in some implementations. I think if you examine their patent they also have a claim about rays of light. But in any case, the idea of the finger joints to be used as keys for the mobile phone is old and even patented, so, certainly not belonging Sunman Kwon… Sorry…

  • Fay says:

    不错哦 满嚣张的样子 的确像是科幻小说里才有的东西 最不济 也是特工007的装备吧 呵呵

  • cati says:

    I like the connection with this device and the crib notes! Very sweet.

  • Leticia Taylor says:

    It’s something evil!!!!
    I wan’t this now! But in Brazil, it will take years for came to here!

  • Regardless of being a new concept or not, It seems to be a good one.
    However I still can’t figure how the position of the microphone and speaker will help to maintain a conversation in an ergonomic way…

  • Cintia says:

    Really, fantastic, but arrive in brazil only in 100 years!

  • Sean Turvey says:

    Looks like someone has been stealing ideas from Pranav Mistry and the MIT Media Lab.


    Start video at about 4:06.

  • Shah Naqueeb says:

    Great job done by Sunman Kwon,its very helpful for people to chat with friends any where or any place.and there is a disadvantage is that people can stolen it and runaway..

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