I Shred Paper Because I Like The Power

Go Green is a next generation of paper shredding machines and OH GOD how I LOVE shredding pepper. So what’s so “next-gen” about this? Not only does it slices, dices, and shreds. It also recycles your waste paper into new usable products. For example, scraps of paper are turned into Post-It notes. Clever clever!

Designer: Hong-Li Zhuo Roy


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    […] ainda os tranforma em convenientes post-its para que você se lembre de que a culpa sempre vai estar lá, mas que o meio ambiente ainda tem esperança. A Go Green é um design de Hong-Li Zhuo Roy.

    Via Yanko Design […]

  • cati says:

    I have a fascination with paper shredders! An interesting work to check out on the use of paper shredder for an art piece. The Chrono Shredder by Susanna Hertrich, “a device that makes past time tangible. It is a hybrid between calendar, clock and waste producing automaton”.

  • xil3f says:

    It’s sure a cool concept for go green to recycle paper!!

  • George says:

    The web site FileStoreShred.com maintains a list of free paper shredding events at locations from coast to coast. These events are faster and easier than shredding your own stuff.

  • Ronald says:

    I have a much greener & economical shredding machine called SCISSORS.

  • Alina John says:

    Paper Shredder site is about as straightforward a product as you can get.

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