A Daybed With Danish And Arab Tendencies

Dekka is a daybed where Danish and Arab design traditions blend to create a very unique piece of furniture. Dekka is a meeting between old handwork and industrial processing, between hard and soft, between light and shadow, between matte and shiny, between ornate and minimalism, between asymmetry and stringency, and between aesthetic and function. Whoa! That’s a lot of inbetweens.The irregular hexagon which can be repeated infinitely to create a dynamic pattern is of Arab origins. In Arab culture, symmetry is a divine attribute. However the soft curves and irregularities denote a Danish touch, something less visceral and clean. The lattice work is padded onto a polished aluminum frame making it look more like an installation than a piece of furniture.

Unlike many of the furniture concepts here, you can actually purchase the Dekka tho expect to pay a pretty dollar for something made exclusively in limited numbers – price: 34.000 Euro.

Designer: FurnID